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Periplus 24 Ltd. is a ship equipment provider and a ship repairer company that is located in Budapest and has a depot in Csepel. Our goal is to give a chance for ships to bank up their supplies at the right place and time during their cruise and also to make repairs on the ships that do not need a dockyard.

The company started its operation on the Danube in 2008 as the main distributor of Witting Gmbh from Duisburg. Later the company has become the only Hungarian partner and representative of Kadematic Gmbh. From 2014 our company co-operates in the reparation of the ships of Balatoni Hajózási Corporation, which means that repairs demanding longer planning - that cannot be done at once - will be performed by their engineers and mechanicals.

Our primary intention is that our products meet the European Union’s and Hungary’s requirements and specifications in the field of shipping. All of our products have EN, CE qualification and we give certificate of conformity.

In 2014 September we opened our new store and office on Rqpt. Belgrade, opposite to the Mahart Passnave International Landing stage. In the store beside selling products and materials, basic electrical repairs are done at place by our engineer.

Our activities

It is the concomitant of our quality products that precision and fast performance is primary every day. Our range of activities include the following:

  • Distribution of ship equipment and ship components
  • Docking and maintenance
  • Leasing of seaweed-cutter and dredger
  • Selling Kadematic life jackets and life jacket examination
  • Professional counsel of renovation and placing in service
  • Other individual requests

Ship repair

Ship repairing: Mostly we work between Wien (AUT) - Mohacs (HUN), but of course we do other/ Our repairings are done mostly between Wien (AUT) and Mohács(HUN), but there were a few occasions when our engineers had to go further to do the job(DE,ROM). Our main goal is to satisfy the needs at the earliest and to provide materials in this region. One of our main target is to ensure that ships do not have to stop (or just for the minimum time needed) because of repairing along the Danube. To make this possible we offer to our partners to do the repairings along the ship's route also.

  • Ship electric,
  • Ironworks,
  • Engine repairs,
  • Fast repairs,
  • Big repairs,
  • Deutz engine parts supply,
  • Other special works which contains to shipping



We purchase our certified and examined life jackets from Kadematic Gmbh as its only Hungarian distributor.


We purchase big part of our certified products from Witting Gmbh.

Balatoni Hajózási Corporation

We co-operate with their employees to manage services that need faster and more complex work.


Periplus24 Hajóellátó és Hajójavító Kft.

Phone number: +36-70-340-8000
Fax: +36-1-309-0404

Executive director/Captain: Ruzsás János
Phone: +36-70-311-2535

Deputy executive director: Ruzsás Dávid
Phone: +36-70-635-9985

Sales manager: Búza Bence
Phone: +36-70-340-8000

Depot: 1211 Budapest, Szikratávíró út 14. (Duna 1640,1 fkm)

Official address: 1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 19. (szemben a Mahart Passnave Nemzetközi Hajóállomással.)

"Get everything in the internal water shipping from one hand!"